The Norwich Munch is organised for local people over 18 to be able to meet up, have a drink, have a laugh and meet new friends. It's a focal point for anyone interested in the fetish scene and is a great place to meet others ... unlike the bus stop or the gym, you're probably gonna meet some interesting kink-minded people.

People's interests vary and there's no prescribed fetish you must have ... it can be anything or everything ... latex, fur, heels, balloons, long hair ... whatever you fancy! May be you still haven't worked out what you like? May be you just like all sorts of non-specific funky stuff? It doesn't matter ... just come along and enjoy yourself.

There is no dress code at the Munch, but many people do choose to dress up in their slinky fetishwear. The one rule everyone abides by is no nudity ... that can be saved for another time :) People can normally be found wearing lots of black and lots of brightly coloured stuff like corsets, rubber, PVC, high heeled boots and more ...!

From time-to-time, Munches are themed for an extra bit of fun; may be dressing up 'Plastic Fantastic', or Rocky Horror style or something else suitably strange. Christmastime is always a really fun one too with food, games and more! We also run our own parties and events from time-to-time; tickets and info will always be available at the Munch prior to the event.

The Munch is held in The Golden Star, a nice, friendly pub with a good selection of drinks for any taste and when you walk in you'll find there are two bars; we're in the one full of laughing, talkative people who spend most of the evening having a good time. If you still can't find us, just ask at the bar. Every Munch we order pizza too so everyone can fill their hungry bellies. Tuck in, but be quick as people tend to pounce on the delivery guy!


The Munch is held on the 3rd Saturday of every month. The Golden Star is on the corner of Duke Street and Colegate, NR3 1DD. We meet from 8pm until 11pm and if you'd like to get the lie of the land beforehand, you should pop in one day check it out. If you're still a bit unsure, why not try the Munch Meet & Greet service?

If you want to drive to the Munch, there is a multi-storey car park (St Andrews) about 200 yards up the road on Duke Street (before the pub). Alternatively, many people park beyond the pub, just round the corner to the left. Be careful around the Bentley showroom forecourt though, as some people have been given parking tickets for using their open space to park their cars. The trick is simply to observe signs and not park in anyone's backyard.